BAM. is founded on an open platform for expressionism, we all have voices and opinions on the state of gaming, the industry and the media. While modern publishing sites are limited to retaining a general voice of the team or viewpoint, our end goal is that differing opinions can rest here and on their own terms.

Our name, BAM. is a symbol of that, authors put their columns, their features, their engagement with the community at large out there and we call it a day. On top of this creators aren’t restricted to just one area. If collaborations happen, they happen. If creators want to partner up for new explorations we’ll open up an area for that to ensure it gets proper placement. Hopefully in the process we can entertain, drive discussions and create on another level.

Sites in the BAM. collective are united by bond of wanting to pursue engagement via authorship, videos, images, even comics if desired. Everyone has their own way of expressing themselves and we’re not restricting ourselves to mediums as long as those who join us have the same commitment to create at a reasonable interval.

Finally, BAM. collective sites are under our umbrella but are their own unique platforms that retain content rights and character, creative and brand rights. We thank you for joining the #collective but know that no one stays stationary in this industry, that which you bring or create here is your creative property. We do ask those who take part agree to leave that archival record here as they move forward. BAM. creators will have full revenue control of their subsites while the main site revenue will be generated via ad placements on the main index, summary sections, original content pieces and pages to support the site infrastructure and future.

In the time to come, BAM. will push to create and engage audiences with our content and develop a groundwork that allows those within the group to have greater access and representation when trying to explore this community and industry.