Joining BAM.

BAM. is open to new creators joining us, if you have an existing idea or not, it’s a platform to expand your audience reach by sharing it for all.

Creator rights:

  • BAM. does not retain any creative rights to user content, personas or productions
  • BAM. does not claim exclusivity on the work generated by creators, we’re here as a collective to share and learn and grow. If you go supernova and decide to start your own site independently then simply take your work with you
  • BAM. gives local monetary control to creators. If your site ( wishes to use header, sidebar and footer ads then so be it. We will not force users to monetize their sites or share that local revenue
  • BAM. encourages creators to find their own voice, if this voice leads to many voices we’re open to support that by helping tailor sites to your needs or in a collaboration with other members
  • BAM. provides a default theme set for authors to use, if authors have their own theme please simply make contact with us and we’ll install it for your page. Please be aware that compatibility issues may arise and we do provide intermediate levels of support to keep you visible

What we ask:

  • Creators should have a general idea of where they plan to go
  • Creators should have at least some foundations developed before requesting to join
  • Creators should respect the other members in the collective, this means if they’re not able to spare time or resources to lend a hand respect it
  • Creators when using monetary ads locally should try to keep the nature / rating of that ad circulation to a general audience. We can get flagged as an adult site and that would be damaging to the group
  • Creators stress research on topics if they plan to engage a subject to protect themselves and the collective as well
  • Creators embrace the spirit of experimentation and engage media and the medium to go beyond a standard news presentation
  • BAM. does ask that participants leave archival rights to our site when our time concludes. Comments and discussions around the work shared would be lost with a wipe so we urge against it

BAM. Monetization:

  • At the root of it all, BAM. thrives to provide a stable and fast platform for the content created, we will use ads at the root level and potentially on our in-house video creations. These will help supplement overhead and secure funding for upgrades and events. We are a group and it would be nice to be able to support the group in their pursuits as we all grow