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Gamebalaya Podcast 5 : 09-29-12 – The Horrors of Horror

After an episode hiatus we return with a pleathora of topics to talk about. We talk some about Halo 4, Resident Evil 6, Wii U and the general lack of triple A horror games these days. Perhaps next episode I’ll start to write better episode summaries.

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Gamebalaya Podcast 4 : 08-31-12 – A Blue Moon

We don’t talk about blue moons on this episode, but it was recorded on one. We probably should have been drinking blue moon for the occasion. Anyways we talk about games, some stuff about Guild Wars 2 MMO happenings and I can’t remember the rest.

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Gamebalaya Podcast 1 : 07-20-12 – SDCC Cooldown

Welcome to the Gamebalaya podcast.

This is kind of an experiment for us as we try out new venues to express our thoughts and opinions of the gaming industry. We’re not really sure what this will turn into but tune in bi-weekly as we talk about the happenings and goings of the video gaming industry.

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