About Us

We’re a podcast focused on Video Games and other various pop culture items that we’re interested in. Started in the summer of 2012 we look to bring you our perspectives on current affairs in the gaming industry and our inane banter about what video games we’re playing.

David Chang

A video game enthusiast for most of my life I spent most of my youth hooked to my computer and TV playing video games like CS, Starcraft, Final Fantasy, Zelda and Halo. Now a days I enjoy a broad spectrum of games ranging from short Indie titles to the yearly lineup of AAA titles. I currently work in freelance event photography and video coverage for video games press for varying sites. I started Gamebalaya to bring you non-sequitur video game coverage through our podcast and twitch streaming.

Twitter: @DNA2251

Twitch: DNA2251

Lydia Sung

A rabid China girl, Lydia was found in the wilderness of Alaska during a secret expedition by the Canadian government in 1995. Held in captivity after her discovery, she was held at the top secret Canada National Laboratory until [redacted] occurred at the facility. After the incident, she was handed over to the United States government in 1999 for further study, at [redacted]. It was found that she had an innate affinity for video games. After sufficient testing, she was taught to adapt to human norms and turned back to the Canadian government, who placed her with tech and gaming website Neoseeker(dot)com. Rumor has it she was relocated to California, where she remains under constant surveillance by North American and Taiwanese authorities.

Twitter: @RabidChinaGirl

Twitch: RabidChinaGirl

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