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Review – Shelter

Might and Delight took a shot at platforming with p.i.d. and they’ve returned with Shelter, a game of a different scope, asking players to find a parental or guardian instinct within. The task presents difficulty, having to fend off flying predators, lurkers in the dark and brave the elements while trying not to let your family starve. The reward of course is simple, your family lives and you take the reward of having protected and saved them, that’s one of the best they could really distribute.

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Sadly, Shelter is really short, like an hour if you really push through and don’t get lost in the dark. The pathways are linear through most regions and fail to embrace the open world presentation, predators and challenges fail to repeat and instead greet players a step at a time. With a difficulty adjustment option maybe it could solve that issue, now though, once completing Shelter, there’s a general idea of where mistakes happened and how to overcome them.

Shelter 2013-09-03 01-41-08-52It’s a nice perk to learn from the past but to have that negate the experience is a bit rough, replay value does drop as players begin to count of turns or paces between zones until they’re on the next task. I really wish they would attempt to add some alternatives or options into Shelter, before you know it, you’re almost done and it’s too late. For $9.99 there’s a contrast in the experience between this and other Greenlight games, being able to revisit is a huge part of the experience now.

Conceptually I find Shelter as a fun start of an experience, crossing regions, protecting from predators and experiencing a world without guns, swords or other weapons. It falls short of taking the experience further, what about other shelter regions, paths, enemies or different level designs for each adventure. Variety is the biggest issue here, I just wish there was something available to generate that impression.

Shelter 2013-09-03 01-51-55-83

The good:

  • Unique experience, focusing on protecting your kin
  • Challenges forcing preservation of self and the group
  • Design uses simplicity and rough illustration to paint a warm home

The not so good:

  • Good for about 1 experience
  • Lacks variety in enemy and layout options
  • Short, between 60-120 minutes depending on the player