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Gamebalaya Podcast 45: 07-18-14 – Free Range Sims

This week we are joined by David, Lydia and Gabe as we talk about the lack of sadistic torture methods in the new upcoming Sims 4. We also discuss objectivity and subjectivity in video game reviews, the state of the MMO industry, Valve, Destiny, Doom 4, Battleborn, Microsoft Layoffs, Tekken 7, the EVO tournament, Cliff Bleszinski, Blue Streak, and more!

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Gamebalaya Podcast 41 : 05-09-14 – You Shouldn’t Drink the Water

This week we talk about Elder Scrolls Online, Zenimax, Occulus Rift, Nintendo, Destiny, Dating Simulations, Xbox One, Neversoft, Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare, Epic Games, LA Games Conference, Towns, Disney Infinity: Marvel Super Heroes, Leauge of Legends and more!

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