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Preview – SUPER HOT + Youtube Playthrough

It’s the end of the summer, its blazing and Bricky Blues drops an update to their 7dfps time based shooter using the Unity engine on everyone. It’s called Super Hot and honestly, it’s a change of pace and a challenging one at that.

Super Hot places players into a world where almost all time is controlled by the host, I say almost as bullets and general enemy gestures seem to still carry on at a reduced speed as things get moving. Overall it challenges those used to run and gun to calculate paths, counterattacks and examine their surroundings carefully. One ill-timed shift can restart the level and that bridge stage is relentless on the nerves if a stray bullet lands.

I did jump into the web demo and record it (poorly) although it seems to be a limited resolution build right now. The game looks great for what it is, reminiscent of old training simulators in presentation while coming in with a pounding SUPER HOT SUPER HOT every time a level is completed in a subliminal styled push. It’s a unique experience and there is the desire to complete the level at a faster rate each time because inherently you know you can do it better.

There’s a growing trend of art taking place in high contrast environments with gray-scale environments. There’s nothing necessarily wrong with that in Super Hot, in fact it offers less visual conflict when a faint red hue illuminates a wall, signalling incoming doom. Personally I don’t mind the usage of it as it forces creative use of space and placement of enemies and components.

There isn’t much else to the game at the current stage, I’m currently enjoying the use of the time mechanics to pace out a rapid succession of kills while picturing some random bass line to eventually compliment the SUPER HOT pattern after a job well done. I’ve subscribed to the newsletter and I think it’s worth a shot by anyone to give the game a spin right now. It has great appeal and that repeated chant seeps into your brain after playing through.

Super Hot [Web / Unity Based]