Grand Theft Auto is coming back to town

Grand Theft Auto V is around the corner, so many hyped and excited and genuinely driven to get the game the minute it’s available and I’m all for that. I have loved the series since start on the PC.  When it comes to the excitement for redefining a genre, changing the game, setting the bar and other hype lines… I just don’t get behind that part of the fandom.

GTA for my tastes is like seeing an old friend after some time away, they bring new stories and experiences to the table to give entertainment and enjoyment for a period and when their stay is over it’s an enjoyable feeling. The madness, the crazy twists and turns, they all complete an experience that leaves genuine enjoyment behind. With GTA V I’m hoping to see that again, I don’t care if it doesn’t set the bar to some impossible high, I just want to enjoy and involve myself in the wild stories and options within and have some fun.

The trailers showcase amazing visuals and options coming up, the previews leading in have given personality and connection to the 3 characters and driven attachment and relations to them and inspire some hope where we leave from the serious overtones that took players back. It’s understandable that as techniques come forward and technology advances we can reach a virtual paradise but stories don’t always have to match that reflection.

Personally I’m hoping GTA V packs in that adventure, that memory and that old comfort that screwing off in a Grand Theft Auto game always brought. I think the latest trailer inspires some hope for seeing that.