BAM. – The Journey Begins

We experience media in a variety of ways now, you can go anywhere and get unique stories and experiences that conventional media no longer can cater to, you have sites attempting to play catch up but it still has a very real limitation.

BAM. is very much a living collective experiment to tackle that challenge.

What if we just scrapped normal formats and structure for a moment and instead of asking people to tailor themselves to our standards we just told everyone to work on how they express themselves while telling the story they want to tell? That instead of being part of a unified single body, we’re a collection of individuals pursuing what they want to do. We might never agree even once but we’ll all attempt to execute our thoughts and impressions with the same level of thought and clarity.

When you view content from the collective on BAM. you’re not viewing a segment we created, you’re viewing content a creator made for their own ends that we’re supporting. It’s not “Jeff’s Game Shack Extreme in BAM.”, it’s very much “Jeff’s Game Shack Extreme [on BAM.]” and our mark on that area is very low. Just see the sample below

[Note: Very sorry if there is a Jeff’s Game Shack Extreme we didn’t mean to drag you into things]



We’re here to improve each other, to explore our voices and to be the voices we’ve wanted to become. Be that a limitation of publishers, finances, technical knowledge or really, whatever reason might rest out there. If you’ve been toying around on a personal blog or your own personal site but it’s not just taking off, talk to us, let us work together, let us try to inspire each other and go higher. If you’re a developer or someone else in the industry that wants to try their hand at this, we’re not shying away from you or really anyone, just have an idea and lets see where it goes.

We want creators to thrive here, to find their audiences and voice and use the stage to keep going. We’re also not seeking to own your brand, your character, your creative and we want authors to know that by only asking that when our paths part ways that we continue to act as an archive to your work while you were here and you take your copy too. We’re also enabling creators to run their own ad support system or omit from using it entirely. What you generate on your local site is yours to keep be it banners or full campaigns.

There are a lot things we have in the works for creators, when you feel up to it, please give us a contact and see what we can do. In the meantime check back and see what we’re up to. We’ll still have general news and some traditional features on the home site to keep things jumping along.